A Team Approach To Colon and Rectal Cancer Treatment

If you were diagnosed with colorectal cancer at any stage, Compass Oncology is here to provide you with the care and support you need. Our team of colorectal cancer specialists offers the most advanced and comprehensive options for treating colon and rectal cancer for patients in the Portland and Vancouver metro area.

For most colorectal cancer patients, we recommend meeting with an oncologist and a surgeon before you start any course of treatment. They will work together to create a plan with the right timing for each treatment, including surgery.

What to Expect from Your Colorectal Cancer Team at Compass Oncology

Colon and rectal cancers fall into the category of gastrointestinal (GI) cancer. Compass Oncology’s team of specialists includes those who focus on treating GI cancers.

The right treatments and the order they’re given are largely based on the colorectal cancer stage and your age. It may require a combination of cancer treatments for the best outcome. Our team will arrange your first appointment quickly so you can get the information you need about the next steps. Here are a few benefits our patients experience when receiving colon cancer care at Compass Oncology in Portland and Vancouver.

Personalized cancer care.

Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan and care based on their needs. Access to our multidisciplinary team of GI cancer care experts from the initial diagnosis results in more effective communication and a personalized, cohesive treatment plan.

An in-depth case review by our multidisciplinary team.

Your colorectal cancer care team includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other cancer experts who assist with treating the side effects of cancer or its treatments.

A supportive care team.
In addition to treating newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients, Compass GI Cancer Specialists provide genetic testing, financial counseling, social workers, dietitians, palliative care experts, survivorship counselors, patient benefits representatives, and many support groups that will help every step of the way.
Timely appointments.
Your first appointment is typically scheduled within 48 to 72 hours after requesting an appointment. Our cancer centers are in Portland, Tigard, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington.
On-site radiation therapy.

If radiation therapy is included in the plan, this type of treatment is conveniently available in the same clinic where you receive medical oncology treatments. 

Molecular profiling by our pathologists.

Biomarker testing for colorectal cancer helps identify molecular subtypes that can be targeted with specific targeted therapies. This is a recent advancement in the way that colon cancer can be treated.

Clinical trials for colorectal cancers.

Many new, promising colon and rectal cancer treatments are under investigation through clinical research trials. Patients at Compass Oncology have access to many of these clinical trials through our cancer centers.

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Colorectal Cancer Treatment Second Opinions

Compass Oncology's colorectal cancer specialists are available in the Portland-Vancouver metro area for patients looking for a second opinion before beginning the recommended treatments. Many patients find it helpful to consult with a medical oncologist before deciding on a plan of action.

Watch the video to learn about second opinions for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our cancer doctors are available to discuss your test results, cancer diagnosis, and colon and rectal cancer treatment options


Who’s on Your Colorectal Cancer Treatment Team?

Our cancer specialists are highly trained, board-certified experts and trusted leaders in GI cancer care, including colorectal cancer. The Compass Oncology medical oncologists and radiation oncologists collaborate with a surgeon when necessary to provide multidisciplinary care in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington regions.

Colorectal and GI Cancer Nurse Navigators: Your Guides

Our cancer nurse navigator guides your journey from diagnosis through completion of cancer treatment. They work with social workers, oncology nurses, and patient benefit representatives to complement the physicians on our team. 

The nurse navigator is a care coordinator who assesses patient needs to coordinate an education plan and provide community resources and support as needed. This helps improve each patient's experience and lessens the stress of treatment.

Meet our Nurse Navigators:


Ellery Palanuk


Becky Price


Jennifer Steen-Reavis

Portland - Vancouver Medical Oncologists Specializing in Colorectal Cancer

The medical oncologists create and manage cancer treatment plans, monitor progress, and collaborate on the best treatment options with other members of a colon cancer patient's team. They consult with patients and offer medical guidance to help them make decisions during the course of colorectal cancer treatment.

Meet our Colorectal Cancer Specialists: 

Radiation Oncologists Treating Colorectal Cancer

Radiation therapy could be part of the recommended treatment for some colorectal cancer patients. This type of cancer treatment is planned and administered by a radiation oncologist. At Compass Oncology, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists work together to treat each patient. 

Meet our Radiation Oncologists in Portland and Vancouver: 

Genetic Counseling

The Genetic Risk Evaluation and Testing (GREAT) program and the genetic counselors at Compass Oncology guide patients through deciding if genetic testing is right for them. Our counselors use this testing to help determine if a genetic mutation is detected. As experts in colorectal cancer genetics, they evaluate family history, provide guidance about cancer detection and reducing risk, as well as interpret testing results.

Meet our Genetic Counselors: 


Becky Clark


Lisa Clark

Survivorship Program

Survivorship support begins early for colorectal cancer patients so they can better navigate their treatment journey even after it ends. Through the Compass Survivorship Program, colorectal cancer patients will receive one-on-one visits to help improve overall physical and emotional well-being, information on managing the side effects of cancer or treatment, and follow-up plans to monitor health.

Meet our Cancer Survivorship Team: 


Val Lanham


Mikaela Shrumm


Katie Wheeler


Ari Black

Colorectal Cancer Specialists Caring for Patients in Portland-Vancouver

We provide the most recent colorectal cancer treatments to patients at all of our cancer centers in the region. Choose one that's convenient for you to request a consultation.

East Office

5050 NE Hoyt St., Suite 256, Portland, OR 97213 Near Providence Hospital

(503) 239-7767

Rose Quarter Cancer Center

265 N Broadway
Portland, OR 97227

(503) 280-1223

Vancouver Cancer Center

210 SE 136th Avenue,
Vancouver, WA 98684

(360) 944-9889

West Cancer Center

12123 SW 69th Avenue,
Tigard, OR 97223

(971) 708-7600