Specialized Pharmacy for Cancer Patients

Our new Specialty Pharmacy is now open on-site for added convenience, quick turn-around and personalized care.

The experienced and highly skilled pharmacists and technicians at Compass Oncology work closely with our clinical staff to make sure each medication dosage is precise and secure. All of the drugs administered at Compass Oncology are obtained through a state-of-the-art distribution center utilizing sophisticated e-pedigree technology to securely track and ensure their quality and safety. This distribution system has been recognized by the National Association of the Board of Pharmacy for its safety, innovation, and sophistication. It was also one of the first to earn the coveted Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) accreditation.

  • No need to go elsewhere for your oral cancer medications
  • We can coordinate your refills with your office visits for added convenience or send to your home at no additional charge
  • You’ll receive medication counseling and follow up from a team you already know and trust
  • We’ll confirm your benefits and go the extra mile to investigate alternative co-pay assistance options if needed
  • We accept most prescription benefits
  • We offer competitive pricing and friendly service



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering in-office oral medication therapy?

Providing you with the most comprehensive treatment is our priority. Oral oncology drugs are different and require a level of specialization you may not find at your local pharmacy. Working closely with your doctor, we have the insight and expertise to know how your oral medications fit in with your treatment plan and how to manage side effects. In order for you to receive the most comprehensive, personalized care, it is to your benefit that your doctor can closely monitor your treatment and you can get all of your drugs as quickly and conveniently as possible. We are here to help!

What type of products do you fill?

We provide you with any self-administered or oral medications that you may need during the course of your chemotherapy and supportive therapy. You may receive the infused oncology chemotherapy per your individual treatment plan during your visit to our practice, administered by a nurse. We will also provide any additional oral medications that you can take at home, self-administered as directed by your doctor. 

Do you accept my prescription benefits coverage?

We are able to process prescription claims with most major prescription benefits providers. If your plan requires you to use a selective pharmacy, we can help you determine your options for getting your prescriptions filled.

How long will it take to receive my medication?

We will fill your prescription as quickly as possible after verifying your benefits coverage and reviewing alternative co-payment assistance resources if needed.

How will I be notified my prescription is ready?

Your prescription will likely be available the same day as prescribed when you are in the office. You can stop by and pick it up on your way out or we will arrange for you to get your prescriptions and counseling as soon as possible.

Will it cost me more to fill my prescription here than at a retail pharmacy?

The co-payments are determined by your individual plan and costs are comparable. Since we are able to help you determine any additional co-pay assistance or other financial options available to you it's possible you could save money.

When can I start using this service?

Talk to your doctor or clinical staff for details. Just make sure you have provided your prescription benefit card to the front desk for our files. We'll do the rest, and be there with you every step of the way.

Do I have to fill my prescription at your office?

You are welcome to fill your prescription at any pharmacy that accepts your prescription benefits coverage and meets special handling requirements for your oncology drugs. We simply offer this service as a convenient and total care option for you.