A Trusted Referral Source for Lung Cancer and High-Risk Patients

Caring for patients with lung cancer requires advanced expertise and a sophisticated algorithm for treatment which may include surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of these. Given the importance of tailored therapy in outcomes, Compass Lung Specialists provide a trusted, first referral source with the expertise to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your patients and the multidisciplinary team to manage all their needs throughout treatment. In addition to treating newly diagnosed lung cancer patients, Compass Lung Specialists provide a referral source for your high-risk patients. Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancer types because it is generally diagnosed at a late stage. Low dose CT Screening (LDCT) has been proven to identify lung cancer in its early stage when treatment is most effective. Our experts provide the necessary evaluation, counseling, and ongoing surveillance to meet reimbursement requirements for LDCT and the appropriate care and follow-up if a problem is found. Compass works with leading diagnostic imaging experts throughout the region to ensure scans are interpreted by those with extensive experience in LDCT.

Compass Lung Specialists Service Overview

  • Timely appointments typically scheduled within 48 to 72 hours for newly diagnosed patients.
  • An in-depth case review by our multidisciplinary team.
  • Molecular profiling by our pathologists to identify molecular subtypes of cancer that can be targeted with specific agents or immunotherapy.
  • Personalized care with an individualized treatment plan and coordination of care with any necessary specialists.
  • On-site radiation therapy including Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) commonly used for patients with primary or secondary cancer in the lung who are not candidates for traditional surgery.
  • Clinical trials offering access to promising new therapies.
  • Management of high-risk patients eligible for low dose CT lung cancer screening. This is defined as an asymptomatic patient, age 55 to 77 with a 30 pack-years smoking history who is either currently still smoking or has quit within the last 15 years.
  • A supportive care team that includes social workers, dietitians, palliative care experts, survivorship counselors and patient benefits representatives.
  • Appointments available at multiple locations.

Compass Lung Specialists Team

Medical Oncologists:

Nora Bucher, MD
Edward Chang, MD
Anthony Pham, MD
Ian Schnadig, MD
Spender Shao, MD
Anthony Van Ho, MD
Richard Zinke, MD

Radiation Oncologists:

W. Tristram Arscott, MD
Nico de Wette, MD
Scott Schneider, MD
John Schuler, MD
Faisal Siddiqui, MD, PhD

Palliative Care:

Vanessa Sanne, FNP-C

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