Compass Oncology is proud of our clinical trials research team that is dedicated to cancer research and providing access to promising new cancer therapies.

Meet Our Principal Investigators

Dr. Jay Andersen, Breast Studies

Dr. Lucy Langer, Breast Studies

Dr. David Cosgrove, Director of Research, GI Studies

Dr. Spencer Shao, GI Studies

Dr. Robert Lufkin, GU and Hematology Studies

Dr. Ian Schnadig, GU and Supportive Care Studies

Dr. Lisa McCluskey, Gynecologic Studies

Dr. Erin Salinas, Gynecologic Studies

Dr. Anthony Van Ho, Lung Studies

Dr. Anthony Pham, Medical Oncology Studies

How to Refer a Patient

Please call our Research Nurse team to enroll a patient in a clinical trial.

East Office
Elaine Bigler, RN

Rose Quarter Cancer Center
Valerie Premore, MBA, CCRC

Vancouver Cancer Center
Susan Papenfuse, RN

Vancouver Cancer Center
Judith Welch, RN

West Cancer Center
Jennifer Thompson, RN

West Cancer Center
Kristina Wick, MPH, CCRP