Compass Oncology Breast Specialists: Resources for New Breast Cancer Patients

Compass Breast Specialists is a special service offered to provide rapid evaluation and expert opinions in the management of breast cancer patients. Compass Breast Specialists provide a unique approach to breast cancer treatment centered on compassionate, collaborative care delivered by a comprehensive treatment team comprised of leading specialists in medical oncology, breast surgical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostics, genetic risk evaluation when appropriate and one-on-one guidance with a breast cancer nurse navigator who provides ongoing support from diagnosis through treatment.

Our program is designed to empower patients with the knowledge to choose the course of treatment that best fits their needs. You, the patient, are the most important person on your healthcare team and it is important for you to understand and participate fully in each phase of your treatment. It is our goal to provide you with support, education, and resources to address your questions and concerns.

This resource guide was written and compiled to help you understand all of the pertinent information about your specific diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. We are your healthcare team, and we are here to support you through your breast cancer treatment. Please ask us any questions and let us help make your experience as smooth as possible.

~ Your Team, Compass Breast Cancer Specialists

Table of Contents


Discover the most recent developments in breast cancer research and treatment directly from the providers at Compass Oncology.

The Experts of Compass Breast Specialists

Patient Education

Understanding Your Pathology

Patient Diagnostic Reports

  • Your Personal Diagnostic Reports (refer to your printed diagnostic report)


Medical Management


Integrative Therapy


Other Resources

This additional resource packet includes the following topics:
  • Headwear Resources
  • Fertility Resources
  • Breast Cancer Websites
  • Advocacy and Support Groups
  • Nipple Restoration
  • Smoking Cessation
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