Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment in Portland-Vancouver

Understanding Hodgkin Lymphoma

Hodgkin lymphoma is a lymphoma that begins in cells of the immune system when a lymphocyte (usually a B cell) becomes abnormal. This abnormal cell, called a Reed-Sternberg cell, divides to make copies of itself. The new cells divide repeatedly and don't die as expected, resulting in a buildup of extra cells that form into a tumor.

Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that can start almost anywhere. It is usually first detected in a lymph node above the diaphragm, the thin muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen. However, Hodgkin lymphoma can also develop in a group of lymph nodes or various other parts of the lymphatic system.

Blood Cancer Doctors in Portland & Vancouver

Most patients receive a lymphoma diagnosis from a hematologist — a doctor specializing in blood cancers and non-cancerous blood disorders. Hematologists are also trained as cancer specialists called oncologists. The hematologists/oncologists at Compass Oncology are experts in diagnosing and treating Hodgkin lymphoma.

We will answer any questions you and your family have so you can better understand the details surrounding your specific diagnosis. We will also guide you through the entire treatment process.

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Understanding the Symptoms and Diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma

doctor checking swollen lymph nodes - diagnosing Hodgkin lymphoma If symptoms of Hodgkin lymphoma are present, a hematologist evaluates them and performs tests to confirm a diagnosis. A biopsy is the sure way to diagnose this type of lymphoma. 

Stages of Hodgkin Lymphoma

pet scan to determine stage of Hodgkin lymphoma After diagnosing Hodgkin lymphoma, doctors need to determine its extent or progression, also known as staging, to recommend the appropriate treatments.

Treating Hodgkin Lymphoma

man getting chemotherapy - treat Hodgkin lymphoma

The specific treatment options included in your treatment plan and the timing of each are different for each patient. Learn more about common treatments for Hodgkin lymphoma, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplantation. 

Clinical Trials for Blood Cancers


At Compass Oncology, our hematologists and oncologists are continually working to find better lymphoma treatment options through clinical research trials. We are part of US Oncology Research, a joint venture with Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI). This gives our patients access to many clinical trials offering the latest options for Hodgkin lymphoma treatments.

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