Compass Oncology Physicians Volunteer with Project Access NOW

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Jul 1, 2010

Project Access NOW (PAN) is a nonprofit that coordinates a network of volunteer physicians and other health care providers, making it easier for them to donate medically necessary care to the low-income uninsured in our communities.  By helping navigate the health care system, Project Access NOW can get them the care they need. Today.

Project Access NOW Thanks Dr. Gregory Patton
"Project Access NOW fits into an existing theme that complements what we’ve done for a long time. We don’t turn people away because they do not have the ability to pay.”

Project Access NOW Thanks Dr. Spencer Shao
“We work as part of a community together and by helping even just one patient, we improve the community as a whole.”

Dr. Jeffrey Manashe is one of 2,400 PAN physician volunteers
“My decision to participate in Project Access Now was an easy one. As physicians, we have an obligation to care for people suffering illness regardless of economic status. Participation in PAN is meaningful to me both as a way to satisfy that obligation and as an expression of solidarity and collegiality with other physicians.”

Project Access NOW Thanks Dr. Miklos Simon
“It would be great to see other doctors participate. We became physicians to help, that’s the bottom line. If there’s a way to help and focus on healing, it would be hard to say we don’t want to do it. Project Access NOW helps move forward with the notion that there is no limit to help. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s very rewarding.”

Project Access NOW Thanks Dr. Anthony Van Ho
Dr. Van Ho advises physicians to “think more globally, not just through your individual feelings. It’s important to be creative and share the experience together. To volunteer in [Project Access NOW] matters as a team effort.”