Leukemia and Lymphoma Survivorship Resources

Possible Physical Side Effects of Treatment

Chemo Brain - described as forgetfulness, struggle with word finding and multi-tasking

Fatigue - compared with fatigue that healthy people experience, Cancer Related Fatigue is more severe, particularly relative to the person’s activity or level of exertion. CRF is also less likely to be relieved by sleep or rest.

Peripheral Neuropathy - numbness, tingling sensation or pain in hands and feet which can take months to repair.  Peripheral neuropathy involves fine and gross motor skills which can have an effect on writing, buttoning a shirt, gripping a cup and your sense of position.

Fertility & Sexuality Issues

Hypothyroidism - is a lower than normal functioning thyroid gland—symptoms may include sensitivity to cold, weight gain, painful joints, muscle aches and pale dry skin. The thyroid gland can be altered by the treatments.  Contact your oncologist (medical or radiation) or primary care physician if you note any of the above symptoms.

Hyperthyroidism - is the higher than normal functioning of the thyroid gland which leads to nervousness, unexplained sudden weight loss, increased or rapid heart rate and increased sensitivity to heat.  Contact your oncologist (medical or radiation) or primary care physician if you note any of the above symptoms. 

Osteoporosis - is a decrease in the amount of calcium in the bone, also known as a decrease in bone density and can lead to fractures.

Financial & Legal Resources

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Patient Financial Aid Program  provides a limited amount of financial assistance to help patients with significant financial need who are under a doctor's care for a confirmed blood cancer diagnosis. (local chapter has $150.00 for support each year for each client, national program offers $5,000 in assistance with insurance premiums)