Colon and Rectal Cancer Survivorship Resources

Caregiver Support Resources

Possible Physical Side Effects of Treatment

Fatigue - can be an issue for weeks or up to months after treatment.  It is known that exercise at a moderate level, 4 to 5 times a week for up to an hour a day can improve and slowly decrease fatigue.

Peripheral Neuropathy - numbness and tingling sensation in fingers and toes which can take months to repair.

Sexual Dysfunction - can be anything from erectile dysfunction, to decreased libido, to decreased flexibility of tissue and lubrication.

Fertility Issues - for both women and men can occur due to surgical effects especially for those undergoing Rectal cancer.

Lymphedema - is the swelling in hands, feet, ankles, legs, and arms that doesn't resolve for months to years after treatment.

Stoma Issues - The United Ostomy Association of America’s mission is to help people return to a normal active life with ostomy or continent diversion.