A Guide for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients.

What This Guide Covers

Understanding Your Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can come in a variety of types and stages. Your breast cancer treatment will depend on the specific type or category of breast cancer that you’ve been diagnosed with, whether it’s invasive or non-invasive, your lymph node status and the hormone receptor status.

Cancer Diagnosis Second Opinions

Should you get a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis? Some patients might be more comfortable with seeking a second opinion before they begin a treatment plan.

Support During Cancer Treatment

Most breast cancer patients are going to need some help, and that's ok! For a lot of women this is hard because they’re used to being active, independent and not reliant on others for what seems like “simple things.” 

Your First Oncology Appointment

Often times your first appointment with your oncologist will not be when your treatment plan gets decided. However, it is the appointment that sets the rest of your care in motion.

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